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Our Address


Friends of Africa International


Aspen, Colorado, USA 81612


Board of Directors

Scarlett Norris Adams, Chairman
James R. True, Esq., President, Legal Council
Karinjo DeVore - Vice President/Chair International Advisory Board
Gayle Johnson, Secretary
Chip Bishop, CPA, Treasurer
Dr. Anne Goyette, Member
Wayne Poulsen, Member
Kirk Reichel, Member
John Sweeney, Member

International Advisory Board

Karinjo DeVore - Vice President/Chair International Advisory Board
Carol Beckwith, author/photographer
Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Founder, Save the Elephants
Angela Fisher, author/photographer
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE - Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute
Don Hunt, Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and Game Ranch
John McBride, Aspen, Colorado
Sara Mirza, Santa Monica, California
Dr. Daphne Sheldrick, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Dr. Kim Spitznagel, President & CEO, Outr.Net, Inc.
John Webley, Sales Director, Luxury Private Jets, Lakani Tours
Mike Webley, Game Ranch Manager
John Wilcox, TV Producer, American Adventure Productions

Member Aid For Africa
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