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Who We Are


Section 1 Image Friends of Africa International was incorporated in 1989 in the State of Colorado (originally known as "Friends of Africa"), by a group of individuals fostering an interest in Africa, and recognizing a need for the perpetuation of awareness and assistance to various African conservation and cultural projects.

(photo: FOAI 2001 Board Trip - Amboseli, Kenya)
Statement of Purpose and Vision Statement

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Statement of Purpose: The purpose of Friends of Africa International (FOAI) is to support and assist effective and established charitable institutions, research centers, and projects, both in Africa and in the USA, whose mandate is the conservation and protection of African wildlife, environment, and culture, from the constant threat of devastation by outside forces. Through education, financial aid, volunteer coordination, and hard work, it is the goal of FOAI to generate awareness of those threats, as well as the solutions available to help mitigate those threats.

Vision Statement: Friends of Africa International (FOAI) strives to accomplish our stated purpose by cultivating affiliations with existing organizations doing work that fulfills our common goals. FOAI also makes its non-profit 501(c)(3) status available to certain organizations in Africa wishing representation in the USA, for the purpose of collecting USA tax-deductible donations. In addition to maintaining accounts for certain affiliate organizations, we assist in representing them when asked to do so, including the organization of seminars, lectures and fund-raising events. FOAI also independently offers programs of interest and outright financial aid, relating to those mandates outlined in our Statement of Purpose.

(photo: courtesy of FOAI member, Dolly Ann Fairchild)

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Our History

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Friends of Africa International was founded on January 3, 1988, in Aspen, Colorado, by Bonnie Bishop and Scarlett Adams, and a group of interested individuals. Each had visited Africa and agreed that there was room for yet one more small, grass-roots organization that could find creative ways to promote various small conservation, education and cultural projects in Africa, as well as presenting various programs in the US.

Today we continue to uphold our original vision: to increase awareness of the wildlife and cultural issues in Africa and the delicate balance facing the African continent. Since those early years, we continue to provide assistance to fledgling Africa-based NGOšs (non-governmental organizations) struggling to survive in the global community, and have found ways to assist by providing a platform for their causes, and by facilitating tax-deductible donations from US donors.

Today, we are pleased to be affiliated with three Africa-based organizations: Save the Elephants, the Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust and the African Conservation Foundation.

(photo: Co-Founders Bonnie Bishop and Scarlett Adams with Board Member, Karinjo DeVore)

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Our Progress


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